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The best quality bettas in THAILAND. We are breeding world class bettas since 2002.

Best in Show

Siamimbellis won BIS(Best in Show) male at Friedrichshafen 2015 show in Germany.

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Halfmoon Plakat

We also breed excellent quality Halfmoon plakat. This Koi plakat is the new strain.

1st Prize

Siamimbellis won the first prize on HM iridescent , HM noniridescent and HM Pattern for Commercial Class at EHBBC(European Halfmoon Betta breeders club)-show in Kreuztal Germany .... March, 2004

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We have a show quality crowntails for sale.

Best in Show

Siamimbellis's steelblue HM won Best in Show at GHBBC ( Globol Halfmoon Betta Breeder Club) show spring 2004 in USA. .... May, 2004

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$ 30

Copper Red Marble BF HM Male#1