About my fighters

Most of my fighters are Petchaburi and Padrew plakats.Petchaburi and Padrew are the name of the town, I got the fighters from.

The fighters will be kept in big tanks. Local breeders here feed them with live food such as mosquito larva. Some of them feed them with termite or shell. They believe that those kinds of food will make the fighters strong and more aggressive.

When they are 6 months old and ready for fighting, local breeders seperate them into Thai traditional jar and kept them in dry indian almond leaves water or dry banana leaves water to eliminate the parasite and make the hard skin for fighters.

Each family will be labelled and kept the fighting history record. We have fighting game every weekend. I go to the battle place and collect the best fighter from various breeders.

To raise the fighter to be the champion , you need to train them before fighting. I am the one who believed that most of the champion , 60 % come from their fighting bloodline. all the rest come from how well you train them. IT IS A MUST FOR YOU TO TRAIN THEM BEFORE FIGHTING, OTHERWISE YOU WILL BE LOOSER!!!!!!!

Belows are some training tips that I can share my experience with you . If you have any comments or other tips..Please feel free to share your experince...

- Put 1-2 small females into the big tank and place the fighter into the same tank. Leave them for 10 minutes . Do it everyday. This will make your fighter strong .
- Feed them with 4-5 pieces of mosquito larva per day. Do not feed them with frozen food or HIKARI food...Do not feed them a lot.
- Keep them in dry indian almond leaves water. This will make them get the good and strong skin, also it will eliminate the parasite.
- Do not feed them one day prior to fighting date.

Again!!!!! Train them before fighting ..otherwise , you will loose.