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Who am I ?

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Sarawut Angkunanuwat, now 52 years old. Before I came to sell fish online, I was an engineer at a car company 21 years ago (year 1999). The point that made me come in to raise and sell betta fish was that I saw the beauty of betta displayed on foreign websites which is novel and high price . Therefore, I bought and sought out betta fish from foreign countries such as Japan and the United States to cultivate and try to sell them in Thailand and abroad through the ornamental fish auction website , which has been well received. Therefore I decided to resign from the profession of engineer and come to sell fish online in full.

I am currently the owner of the website., selling betta fish mainly exported to abroad and also a transhipper sending ornamental fish to Germany and other EU countries and is also one of the creators of the betta contest and judgment standards of the Plakad Association in Thailand.

From the past to the present, I have received good things from raising fish, met a variety of people and learn new things that happens every day. So I want to share my experiences in raising betta, watching fish and selling fish to people who are interested in this hobby.Please stay tuned for future articles. I will try to update the information when I have time. Thank you.